Tax Litigation

SLC also deal with many issues on a case to case basis. The issues mainly which are handled are right from the stage of initial query initiated by the department. The issues crop up by way of a simple inquiry or an audit point or dispute in rate of duty or classification of a product or a service, or disputes on cenvat credit and so on. In every case, the beginning of the litigation, is a show cause notice, where the department will try to establish the evasion of duty / tax or violation of procedures, and give a chance to defend the clients. Meetings with the clients will be planned out as and when desired to discuss the issue, and decide the line of action. The line of action includes,

  • Examining various allegations made out in the show cause notice, and submit a prima facie technical report to the client.
  • Preparation of replies to the show cause notices and appearances before the appropriate authority.
  • Filing of Appeals / Applications / Petitions/ SLPs against the OIOs/OIAs before appropriate judicial authorities/ judicial forums.
  • Filing of writs/writ petitions/ SLPs before Hon’ble High Court/ Supreme Court
  • Briefing of senior counsels of Supreme Court. Follow up of the matters before various courts.
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