Preventive Consultancy

The services under this model are purely for those who believe in keeping the taxation portfolio a healthy one, and take precautions in advance so as to pay appropriate taxes and avoid un-necessary litigation. This model is engaged on a yearly contract. The main highlights of this model includes,

  • Answering all queries posed before SLC online 24 X 7.
  • Furnishing legal opinions on issues referred to SLC in the above domain.
  • Advising as to the applicability or otherwise of the above levies, eligibility of exemptions, tax planning measures, etc. on issues referred to SLC.
  • Periodical / Need based visits by the advocates / consultants of SLC for any discussions in the above domain.
  • Updating with latest information from notifications, departmental clarifications, trade notices, judgments, and other sources.
  • Online replies to the queries on day to day basis on policy as well as routine issues.
  • Replying all departmental queries / audit paras as they emerge from the date of contract.
  • Preparation of replies to show cause notices, and personal appearances of our advocates/ consultants
  • preparation of appeals and personal appearances of our advocates/ consultants before various departmental authorities, Commissioner (Appeals) and Tribunals.
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