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The Motivation

” Every advocate shall in the practice of the profession of law bear in mind that any one genuinely in need of a lawyer is entitled to legal assistance even though he cannot pay for it fully or adequately and that within the limits of an Advocate’s economic condition, free legal assistance to the indigent and oppressed is one of the highest obligations an advocate owes to society. “

M/s. Subramanya Law Company Ahmedabad is a law firm offering legal consultancy services in the field of Service Tax, Central Excise and Customs under the Preventive Consultancy or Curative Consultancy to the manufacturers, traders, service providers, importers and exporters. The company is a proprietor-ship firm and Mr. R. Subramanya, Advocate is the proprietor of the company. Subramanya Law Company, engages the services of lawyers, chartered accountants, ex-departmental officers.

M/s. Subramanya Law Company, Ahmedabad is a law firm also offering assistance in mergers & acquisitions, de-mergers, amalgamations, arbitrations, takeovers, and are ably supported by a team of advocates, chartered accountants and company secretaries.

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